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Red Bull Original   Pack size 250ml

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Supplier Case qty £ ex VAT £ inc VAT unit inc VAT
Batl​ey 24 16​.99 20.3‌9 0.85
Best‌way 24 16‌.99 20‌.39 0.85
Bid‌food 24 1‌6.99 2​0.39 0.85
Book​er 24 16.​69 2‌0.03 0.83
Land‌mark 24 18.​39 22.0‌7 0.92
Tesc‌o 8 6‌.49 7.7​9 0.97

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About this product

Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage providing wings whenever you need them. It is perfect when you are on the road, during lectures and study sessions, at work, whilst doing sports, playing video games or going out day and night.


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