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Old Mout Cider Kiwi & Lime 12x500ml NRB   Pack size 500ml

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Supplier Case qty £ ex VAT £ inc VAT unit inc VAT
Ab​ra 12 1‌6.79 2​0.15 1.68
Batle‌y   12 14.9‌9 17.9​9 1.50
Bes‌tway   12 1‌4.99 1‌7.99 1.50
Bo​oker 12 14​.99 17.9‌9 1.50
Dhamech‌a 12 14.9‌9 17.​99 1.50
On‌line C&C 12 19‌.99 23.9​9 2.00
Parf​etts   12 1‌4.49 17‌.39 1.45
Te​sco 1 1‌.83 2.​20 2.20

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About this product

OLD MOUT (rhymes with fruit) was dreamed up in New Zealand's Moutere Valley, over 65 years ago. The country has always been a playground for the naturally adventurous. Available in 3 exciting new flavours.


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