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SLABS Sea Salt   Pack size 80g

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Supplier Case qty £ ex VAT £ inc VAT unit inc VAT
Cotswold​ Fayre 12 14.​95 17.9​4 1.50
Diver​se Fine Foods 14 14.9​8 1​7.98 1.28
Great Food Affairs L​td 12 1‌5.10 1​8.12 1.51
Hider Fine ‌Foods Ltd 14 15.3‌2 18.​38 1.31

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About this product

Huge potatoes make huge SLABS of potato crisps. Cooked with olive oil, coated in natural seasonings. Four amazing flavours, no other crisp tastes like SLABS, the UKs first and only Gastro crisp! SLABS are perfect for : Delis, Farm Shops, Bistro, Gastro Pubs, Coffee Shops, Artisans and all quality retailers.


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